Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Things

I realize that it has been almost a week since my last post, and there's a really good chance I've lost the attention of the three people that read this blog, but I will persist all the same because the world needs my words! (Not really, but the egocentric part of me likes to think so.)

We had a busy weekend, but I still managed to get some crafting done. I finished one of the deer for my January frame of the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's Woodland Sampler. I still have one deer, 15 snowflakes, and a word to finish before I can move onto February. I'm a painfully slow careful cross-stitcher. And yes, those are reading glasses in that picture. I need them for small work and extended periods of reading or computer time. I was stitching on the couch one evening last week and my husband looked over, stared for a minute then asked "How old are you?" In real life? 23. Deep down inside? 75.

I also made Tiny the cutest pair of Big Butt Baby Pants out of Pokey Little Puppy flannel. They're so stinking adorable. She wore them two days in a row, and that's why there's no picture of them. I couldn't get her to lay still long enough to get a picture, and I didn't want to deal with the drama of taking them off of her, snapping a picture, and putting them back on. There's too much screaming involved for that nonsense.

Speaking of our Tiny Girl, she had her half birthday on Sunday. I can't believe she's six  months old. It doesn't seem real. Here are pictures of her being cute:

We took a half birthday walk as a family. Bob insisted I let him carry her. Backpack time is her favorite. She can pull hair and look at the world at the same time. Baby bliss.

We met up with friends from church last night so the menfolk could plan the service, and the ladies could talk about...whatever it is we talk about. It's a lot about the babies, actually. One of the other couples have a four month that is bigger than Tiny. So we're forever comparing them and laughing at the strange things they do. Ok, strange things Tiny does. She's always trying to grab her little friend's face and hair bows and toys. We've preemptively apologized for any hitting/biting/stealing of toys Tiny does when they're older. She's just wild and curious and wants what she wants. We're going to have a lot of fun with that stubborn personality when she's older.

She did settle down after I gave her the top of my bread bowl. She chewed on it for a long time before it fell on the floor, and we all got to hear how sad she was.

We had to be up bright and early for her six month check up yesterday morning, and I ended up giving her my phone while she was in the car seat just so I wouldn't have to hear her scream all the way to the pediatrician. She has apparently figured out how to work the camera, as I found this picture while going through my photos this morning. She's too smart for her own good.
So, there's that. I'm preparing a carefully worded rant against hashtags for tomorrow, but now my lunch break is almost over, and I still haven't finished eating my chicken and noodle soup. (I forgot my spoon and am having to eat it with a fork. Soup with a fork? Ridiculous.)

Have a happy, sunshiney rest of your Tuesday.

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